If you want to bet on club football that sees a whole lot of money going for stakes, then the Champions League is your best choice. By the volume of money that goes into this competition in terms of stakes, it stands the tallest. It is Europe’s biggest soccer competition and it sees frenzied action on the field and off it.

The Champions League is a competition that has the whole soccer-loving population of the world watching. It the best premier club competition around and though other continents have many competitions, nothing matches the sheer excitement of the Champions League. If you have been an avid watcher of the competition, you will know that long before the competitions start properly, the excitement starts building. The protracted qualification period sees a whole lot of exciting action when the smaller clubs play with the big boys and the whole world watches with fascination. Ultimately, 32 teams make it to play in the league and therefore the excitement escalates. As a bettor, there are some unique characteristics to know about the competition because they affect how the bets pan out.


A bit of history

You have to start with the rich history of the Champions League. Real Madrid is the club that has the record for the highest number of times it has won the competition. With sure win soccer predictions for today, it can be hard to predict the winners of the Champions League this year considering that it has a pretty interesting history. AC Milan is another team that has had a good run at the competition with 7 victories. Barcelona, Liverpool, and Bayern Munich are other clubs that have done great in the competition with 5 victories each.



The odds

For an average bettor, there is really nothing similar to betting on the Champions League. The odds can vary a lot, and many of them can seem very tempting and if you are able to play well, some can be surprisingly lucrative. That is why you have to understand where and how you should be looking for betting odds.

Now the thing to know first is that in this competition there are basically 2 types of markets: the match markets and the outright markets. When you choose the match markets to place your bets on, you are choosing to bet on individual Champion League games. When you choose the outright markets, you are choosing to bet on long term outcomes like who will win the competition or who will reach the semi-finals. The good news is that as a bettor, you get some really good odds in both these markets.

Here are the most common odds that get placed in the Champions League:

  • Game result 1×2: This is perhaps the most common bet that gets placed in this competition. It is basically bets on the 3 possible outcomes of the games (Win, Loss, and Draw). The time period of such bets is usually 90 minutes plus any added time.
  • Asian handicap: This is a bet that is quite a hit with successful bettors who are looking for more exciting bets to place than what traditional markets offer. You have to select the winner and each of the teams will carry a goal handicap.
  • Total over/under: This is another bet that is very popular. In this, the bookie will come up with a total number of combined goals between the two teams and you as a bettor will have to place your wager on whether it will go over or under that particular figure. If your prediction is correct, you win.

What to keep in mind when betting in the Champions League

There are a few things that you absolutely must keep in mind. They are mentioned below:

  • Importance of a good prediction site: You need good sure win soccer predictions for today to do some of the required legwork for you. For this, you will need a trustworthy site that has a great track record of providing great tips and picks. When you get good sure win soccer predictions for today, you can be assured that they will be based on a lot of deliberations by expert tipsters. Even if you use them to complement your final betting decision, you will find them to be very helpful in coming up with probabilities.
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  • Do your research: Just depending on a prediction site for Champions League tips won’t do, you need to do your own research too if you really want to make money in this competition. Understand that there are a very high number of bettors and every bookie worth his salt will try to have odds in the competition. So doing your research is something you just cannot do without. Research means poring over team stats, head-to-head history and track record of the teams in the competition. There are a lot of things that will come into play and it is up to you to get that one information that can help you get an edge over the bookies. Ultimately, you have to beat the bookies at their own game and it boils down to knowing more than them and placing bets accordingly.
  • Have a bankroll: Having a set budget to use during the Champions League is another sign of a good bettor. This is really important because the temptations during this competition can be high and it can make you bet a little too eagerly. This is not a good thing at all because it may end up in you placing too many bets or betting too much money on each bet. That is why having a bankroll really helps and do make sure that you stick to it.

With sure win soccer predictions for today, it can be helpful to place bets in the Champions League by doing a little more homework than what you do for other competitions.