How Does Playing Style Affect Sure Soccer Predictions?

When it comes to making sure soccer predictions for teams and players of your interest, it is important to consider many factors. there are many statistical factors involved and it can be relatively easy for you to see the reasons for predictions based on them. However, there are some other less tangible factors that can be difficult to assess. A team’s playing style is one such factor. Find out how the play style can have an impact on soccer games and their predictions.

Soccer Teams & Their Play Style

As a soccer punter, it can be difficult for you to assess a team’s play style because it is much less tangible compared to other factors. The ability to effectively assess the impact of play style on the outcome a soccer match requires a thorough understanding of the sport. It also requires you to spend lots of time watching and studying teams play. All the research and study should help you form expert opinions about different playing styles, the outcome of clash of different styles, and similar information.

Different Soccer Play Styles

Football play styles different from one league to another and from one country to another. It can be different within the same continent and Europe is an excellent example in this case. Some of the well-known soccer playing styles you will come across are follows. A deeper understanding of these styles can help you become a more successful punter.


1. English

British football is characterized by its speed and direct approach. This style of soccer is the oldest style and is an integral part of the Premier League. Attacks usually involve direct long balls and are quick. It involves many crosses being sent from all around the pitch. Attacks and counterattacks can be very quick and the pace of the games can be quite mesmerizing at times.

2. Italian

If you like to bet on Italian Serie A league, you should learn about its peculiar style before making sure soccer predictions. The key characteristics of Italian football style are as follows:

  • There is a cautious approach to the number of offensive players committed to attack
  • Skills and multiple tempos are used during attacks
  • The players are cautious, crafty and skillful
  • Forwards are highly likely to make diagonal and indirect runs
  • Defenders are highly likely to flood their side to prevent opposition attacks

This style of play makes it difficult for opposition defenders to anticipate attacks and penetrate the defense.

3. Northern Europe

This is the style of football played by leagues in Germany and other northern European teams.  It is characterized by speed, aggressiveness, and organization. Some of the key features involved are as follows:

  • Matches are played with a direct approach
  • Highly determined attacks are made
  • When it comes to defense, there is always a formation
  • Each player has a specific job and there is less emphasis on improvising

The style focuses on keeping the ball in possession in attack or they overwhelm the opponents with the number of forwards.

4. Continental

This style of soccer found its origin in Netherlands. It is characterized by great passes and collective approach. When making sure soccer predictions on games involving this style, you should be more careful because it is considered highly effective.

The key features are as follows:

  • There is improvisation and creativity in attacks
  • There is strong emphasis on team communication
  • The players maintain composure even when improvising
  • Players are not fixed in their role and can roam freely around the field
  • The defense makes it difficult for the attacking team to gain possession

5. Latin

If you prefer soccer matches that demonstrate unmatched dribbling skills, confidence with the ball, and innovation, you should be following Latin football. Some of the key characteristics of these games include the following:

  • The focus is on possession
  • There is big emphasis on making passes
  • The games are very fast
  • There is less emphasis on any defined structure

All these characteristics result in creating weaknesses in the defense. The opposition team is highly likely to carry out more effective counter attacks.

6. Central American

This style of soccer is marked by excess dribbling and crafty play. There is more emphasis on short passes. You cannot expect many forwards to make a quick dash at the opposition. What makes this style unique is that the tempo is quite slow.

So if you want to evaluate soccer play style as a factor for making sure soccer predictions, it is important to understand all the different styles that exist.


Offensive & Defensive Principles

It is also important to understand offensive and defensive phases of play to make more effective sure soccer predictions. Offensive phases are driven by the goal to have attacking players positioned in the opponent’s side to receive the ball and score. The aim is to overtake defensive opponents, move goal side, and create imbalance in their defensive structure.

Quality teams achieve repeated success based on the following factors:

  • Anticipation of movement
  • High work rates from teammates
  • Higher level of team coordination

When it comes to defensive principle, different teams can use different tactics to put the game in their favor. This can include:

  • Delay the opponent’s offensive play
  • Limit space for the opponent’s forwards
  • Restrict passing options

Many soccer play styles focus on increasing player density in specific areas to strengthen defensive structures.

Evaluating all these points and comparing teams from different leagues and from even the same leagues can be a daunting task for most soccer punters. So when it comes to making sure soccer predictions, it is best to rely on the tips and predictions from experienced tipsters. You should choose a reputed online platform that provides you access to tips and predictions from expert tipsters. You can rely on the research, experience, and success rate of these experts instead of having to do all the research on your own.